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Here that the text which has been written in the arch of rules of a planet, till now remains actual. Read and do conclusions:

Carderplanet does not bear moral and material problems which probably can happens with one of members. People - the divine creations to which can vary. Becoming the addict or the alcoholic, the nazi - at the person the meaning of the life completely varies, it loses concepts, at it varies мировозрение, from it anybody is not insured. Even members which have proved two years ago - can be gone, thus borrowed money at whom only it is possible. There were unpleasant cases and to us is very insulting and is sick that people with reputation which I knew personally which worked enough two years, have turned and because of 2-3 thousand have thrown all whom it is possible. We not clairvoyants to foretell that will do this or that member tomorrow. Who takes a great interest in psychology should know that exists such as the human factor when people see the big money both should be tempted and are ready to throw for it everybody. Working with people on themes on 10к, does not mean that they will sustain having possibility to take away and not to be found 50-100к. All relations at carders are based on trust, Capo di Capi + Capo and other members of a family - people who at present time have deserved trust more than other users of a forum, having given them a rank we wish them to allocate them among all crowd that at people would be to what aspires. Relatives throw each other, the brother throws the brother, mother a daughter, the father of the son so it is possible to tell about people of many of which we we know virtually, it to throw much easier. As practice on 90 % shows all members people fair, but in each family not without the ugly creature, meet and gays. As they say, who is who, will show only time, instead of ranks. We were substituted by ours members, we will not write it, have simply drawn conclusions in a life, about that as people are unreliable.

It is possible to trust - only dead and that not to all.


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