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Uzi ‎(20:53):
hey secret ‎(20:54):
Uzi ‎(20:54):
ive got the money exchanged ready to do trade but exchange sent money through to me on wmz
not wme ‎(20:54):
Uzi ‎(20:54):
but its usd
is that ok?
Uzi ‎(20:55):
it was ment be 350euro for 25keys
350.00 EUR=504.480 USDEuro United States Dollars 1 EUR = 1.44137 USD 1 USD = 0.693784 EUR
this conversation done on ‎(20:55):
Hm, wait a moment please.
Uzi ‎(20:55):
kk ‎(20:55):
I 've just cashed out my WMZ purse.
I expected WME
Uzi ‎(20:56):
same but apprentley he only sends in wmz =/ ‎(20:56):
I see, okay.
Uzi ‎(20:57):
u doing ur own conversation?
or should i tell admin go ahead with it
coz he needs recancualte the fee for me
Uzi ‎(21:03):
Uzi ‎(21:14):
Hmm secret are you there ? should we go foward with the trade ‎(21:14):
Yes, please wait a second. I got something strange.
5 mins please.
Uzi ‎(21:14):
ok ‎(21:24):
SecretsLine ‎(21:57):
I'm going to send codes to support now.
SecretsLine ‎(21:58):
please send your 15 pcs
diego d\\ ‎(21:58):
SecretsLine ‎(21:58):
C.Info escrow
diego d\\ ‎(21:59):
lolz. havent u read post on ci?
diego d\\ ‎(21:59):
ppl say his feds
diego d\\ ‎(22:00):
..and owes a lot to russian
diego d\\ ‎(22:04):
diego d\\ ‎(22:15):
SecretsLine ‎(22:16):
So what shall I do now?
SecretsLine ‎(22:16):
Give it a shot?
diego d\\ ‎(22:18):
diego d\\ ‎(22:18):
fcuk that forum . do refuse buddy
Uzi ‎(21:25):
whats that?
dont understand it ‎(21:26):
Diego,he is my carding partner.
Carded 15 keys.
He is talking about support, and
Do you have account?
Uzi ‎(21:27):
im darkuzi on csu ‎(21:29):
Как вы думаете, ребята, почему он говорит по-английски так хорошо? Он даже не русский. TPQR послал 2 скиммеры 4 месяца назад, сейчас я не могу связаться с моим поставщиком. Я думаю, это support Fucking КС. Не дело в этом форуме. Все это раз. Доверяю никому !!!!! ПОЖАЛУЙСТА !!!!!!!!!!!!
Uzi ‎(21:31):
this stells guy fuckin scammer?
then why is admin of
or incharge of this escrow ‎(21:31):
I think and is just like the old Darkmarket.
These 2 forums are set up by Federal Agency ‎(21:32):
can't trust anybody nowadays
Uzi ‎(21:32):
you wont even take the csu escrow?
i just added that guy
hes spoke ‎(21:33):
Sorry, I think, I have to refuse this deal. Please claim back your funds.
I can't take risk now.
Uzi ‎(21:33):
i havnt sent anything ‎(21:33):
Then okay.
I thought you have already sent funds to support.
Uzi ‎(21:34):
nop not yet
so now what =/
Uzi ‎(21:36):
i need the keys by today
Uzi ‎(21:37):
needed* ‎(21:38):

Uzi ‎(21:38):
what if i send enough for 5 keys at time
Uzi ‎(21:39):
that way if this is scam
i wont get ripped for large amount
i send for 5 keys u give me 5keys
ect ect
Uzi ‎(21:40):
i think this is the safest method for us ‎(21:41):
5 keys?
Uzi ‎(21:41):
yes 5 keys at a time
to 35keys
i send you payment for 5 keys 50euro you send me the 5 keys i check and send you payment for next amount
until we hit 35keys ‎(21:43):
It would be okay for me, but WM drop asks for 4,5% of each transaction, and they have minimum/maximum limit for transfers
Uzi ‎(21:43):
ive got money uploaded already ‎(21:44):
It's okay bro. But I have realised, that I can also sell keys on eBay for much more than 10 euro / pc, so your 50 Euro transactions would not worth the hassle for me. I'm sorry.
Uzi ‎(21:44):
its wierd init
first escrow ‎(21:44):
I don't trust you.
Uzi ‎(21:44):
they are hackers or w.e ‎(21:44):
Uzi ‎(21:44):
im sending the dame money first
Uzi ‎(21:45):
what other proof do u need how can i scam u
u can scam me but i carnt do it to you ‎(21:45):
You are making a huge profit on these keys.
Uzi ‎(21:45):
thats how i get large orders
i resell them low price
get 30 to 300keys per order ‎(21:45):
My drop deducts a certain percentage of each transaction.
Uzi ‎(21:46):
i already know the keys will get locked
after certain period ‎(21:46):
So it's would not worth for me for 50/50/50/50..... euros transactions
Then I 'd rather go and sell on gaming boards, and eBay
Uzi ‎(21:46):
you can try if u want i garentee after 1 or 2 weeks they will ban you since
maximum key will run for 2 weeks
Uzi ‎(21:47):
same like steam accounts
soon as they find out its carded company msgs ncsoft and they ban the account only way make money find big companies
create fake portfolios
and get them buy larger amounts
Uzi ‎(21:48):
and bro ‎(21:48):
I know how things are working.
Uzi ‎(21:48):
i would send u the amount if #
u can prove ‎(21:48):
I used to sell iTunes giftcards too...
Uzi ‎(21:48):
u are who u are that verfied vendor ‎(21:48):
Bro, beleive me..
I can sell them. ‎(21:49):
I don't really think that, I should risk my reputation on SecretsLine VPN business for this deal.. Sorry again.
Uzi ‎(21:49):
np ill post up
that u trying impersnate somone whoa you are no
Uzi ‎(21:50):
and mate how is this gana effect
your reputation ‎(21:50):
Uzi ‎(21:50):
if u are already
a verfied venodr ‎(21:50):
Do whatever you want to do
Uzi ‎(21:50):
KK mate but i just want give u some facts before i say bb ‎(21:51):
Bro, the only one, who loses business is you.
I think , I have not scammed you. Have I?
So why do we have problem with each other?
I warned you about the possible scam going on forums. ‎(21:52):
I think you should respect me, just like I respect you.
Thank you.
Uzi ‎(21:52):
Your dont want take Escrow coz all of sudden within 2 days admins of csu and are scammers and are FBI , you dont want to trade via wetserunion small amounts because of your drops , you dont want msg me with your main accoutn beacuase its gana make your repuation bad , you dont want do do small trades at a time thought wmz and only willing to do anything if i send you full amount. ‎(21:53):
Did I rip you for even 1 cent?
Uzi ‎(21:53):
dude ‎(21:53):
So am I a ripper?
Uzi ‎(21:53):
u did all this jibbrish
i hade go through all this
just upload funds
give money for fees to upload ‎(21:53):
Okay, I'm sorry for that.
Uzi ‎(21:53):
then right at the end u tell me no this carnt go ahead because all of sudden
everyone is scammer
i think who is scammer
Uzi ‎(21:54):
i will just post this shit up on csu so if u deal with anyone else
they know who they dealing with is not ripper but and idiot
thankyou very much! ‎(21:54):
You are ridicolous.
Uzi ‎(21:54):
im not man ‎(21:54):
Okay, let's see that you are serious or not?
Uzi ‎(21:54):
you only thinking about ur self at the moment ‎(21:55):
Send that joking 50 and I send you all 35 keys. But then give me orders via EURO!!
Uzi ‎(21:55):
50? ‎(21:55):
I don't know Uzi...
Uzi ‎(21:55):
darkuzi.. ‎(21:55):
We agreed in euro payment.
Uzi ‎(21:55):
euro usd.
same thing ‎(21:55):
You are who wants to deal now in $.
Uzi ‎(21:55):
diffrent curruncys using diffrent purses
they both ‎(21:55):
Same thing?
Uzi ‎(21:56):
can be cashes in same way ‎(21:56):
Uzi ‎(21:56):
so whats the diffrence? ‎(21:56):
Cashing out rates are the difference mate...
Uzi ‎(21:56):
im gana give u equivlent
the 350euro
u cashing out
is ur own problem not mine ‎(21:56):
I don't know why are we making this mess.
Uzi ‎(21:56):
u dont tell customer look if i cashout
its gana be lower
Uzi ‎(21:57):
thats complete retardness
well i didnt say anything im just gana post up for future people
you deal with so they dont have problem i did ‎(21:57):
Then you loose a serious carder.
Thanks anyways.
Uzi ‎(21:57):
Bro listen i dotn loose no one
i still got my money safe ‎(21:57):
You already know, you lost a real carder.
Uzi ‎(21:57):
there a millioncarders out there ur not only one ‎(21:58):
I have not ripped you. I have stuff here.
Uzi ‎(21:58):
Bro listen , you call everyone
untrustable except yourself
and that i should trust you with 1 post? nither should you with me ‎(21:58):
Have you ever heared about Darkmarket?
Uzi ‎(21:58):
thats why i gave you diffrent optiions
theres no options you will take
other then me sending you full amount ‎(21:59):
I'm not asking you to send money mate..
Uzi ‎(21:59):
im not thick headed
but ‎(21:59):
LOL. It's funny.
Uzi ‎(21:59):
you still dont understand LOL ‎(21:59):
I'm not even asking for a penny from you.
Uzi ‎(21:59):
thats what u where asking for mate
the way ‎(21:59):
What for?
Uzi ‎(21:59):
you where going through the trade
everyway ive told u wrong wrong wrong ‎(21:59):
I said, I refuse the deal.
Uzi ‎(21:59):
Uzi ‎(22:00):
Yes thankyou ill let the guys now about this we will find out if are real vendor
or not ‎(22:00):
Uzi ‎(22:00):
and for future people
wanting trade they can check up on ur rep ‎(22:00):
I go and search a bit about NCSOft
and I report a fake reseller.
Bye bye bro
Uzi ‎(22:00):
report me mate
if they can find me ‎(22:00):
Report me too mate.
You are just a kid.
I told you.
Uzi ‎(22:00):
im not
you ‎(22:00):
i 'm not ripped you. ‎(22:01):
and I won't.
Uzi ‎(22:01):
im just pointing you out of the heard of ship ‎(22:01):
I'm still here and taking to you,
Uzi ‎(22:01):
You dont need to rip me to be and idiot
that u have been orite ‎(22:01):
because I think you were a honest and serious guy on forum.
I don't really understand why do you call me 'idiot'
Uzi ‎(22:01):
Listen its frustrating when you go through the trouble
and get the money ready
get people to buy the keys ‎(22:01):
Just calm down.
Uzi ‎(22:01):
get the money from them
Uzi ‎(22:02):
upload the funds sspend money on westernunion fees and exchanger fee ‎(22:02):
I understand. I'm sorry for that.
Uzi ‎(22:02):
then that same person on the day of the trade fucks you off because
all of sudden the admins are
just FBI ‎(22:02):
Tell me the fees you paid, I pay you them
Uzi ‎(22:02):
no . you dont need to ‎(22:02):
Bro, listen.
Uzi ‎(22:02):
ive hade already enough ‎(22:03):
I care more about my reputation than 100 euro , 350 euro, or even more.
So , I 'll do the refund.
Uzi ‎(22:03):
bro , the same with me
the day i met you
i thought you where 100% legit
i gatherd more then 40 people who would buy off me
big orders
know its all fucked
Uzi ‎(22:04):
you didnt even go through first trade
so thankyou for loosing all those customers ‎(22:04):
Sorry, I'm very paranoid.
I'm sorry for your time, work etc.
I still have 35 keys, right here on my flashdrive. ‎(22:05):
That's what you have ordered.
Uzi ‎(22:05):
bro .
if u hade told me
even yesterday sunday
or saterday
plenty of time look mate i carnt do keys for you ‎(22:05):
So, please let me what should I do now?
Uzi ‎(22:05):
i would of said ok np ill find somone else ‎(22:05):
Can't do?
why would I say, I can do?
We have already done the job for you.
Uzi ‎(22:06):
i know u have but u dont even wana do the trade
Uzi ‎(22:07):
i loose the customers anyway
when i asked u about time codes
i hade emailed all my guys ofcourse currunt carder ‎(22:07):
I want to trade. Only because you seems very serious, and I need your business.
Uzi ‎(22:07):
could not do the keys required ‎(22:07):
It's an easy job for us, because it doesn't need drops.
Uzi ‎(22:08):
Yes but reason im pissed off is because once we hade set all the prices i hade emailed all my important buyers the ones i couldnt supply
they all where going wire me money for diffrent orders
this week ‎(22:08):
Have you even noticed that, we are messing around for approximately 30 minutes...
Uzi ‎(22:08):
but know u have changed your mind they are gone. ‎(22:09):
So , I think we shpuld stop it.
Let me know what should I do now.
Uzi ‎(22:09):
? what should i let you know you dont want to trade , what advise can i give
i dont know my self
Uzi ‎(22:10):
if i should msg my suppliers and say i carnt trade anymore
or what
sry buyers* ‎(22:10):
So, basically it means, you don't want the keys I already have, right?
Uzi ‎(22:10):
ofcourse i do want take those somone alredy orderd
Uzi ‎(22:11):
but u dont even want trade first u said
u do then u say u dont ‎(22:11):
Mate, honestly, Am I looking like an african scammer?
I need this job. ‎(22:12):
Trust what I say please. You will understand everything after months, or years...
Uzi ‎(22:12):
so know you do want to trade ‎(22:13):
I'm open to any offer, expected to trade with honeypot escrows.
Uzi ‎(22:13):
10 codes per transaction so that 3 transaction 10,10,15 ‎(22:14):
I have no problem with that.
Uzi ‎(22:14):
whats your wmz ‎(22:15):
Memo: Online game keys
Uzi ‎(22:15):
144.157 USD
i will send 145 ‎(22:16):
Rate is correct.
Uzi ‎(22:17):
funds sent ‎(22:17):
Okay, I check. ‎(22:18):
Yes. Received. ‎(22:20):

first code: I hate such fucking idiot kids like you
second code: Now go to forums and post me as a RIPPER
4nd code: Now, welcome in my ignore list. Write as much as you want. I don t get your messages.
5nd code: YES. I'M FROM NIGERIA.



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