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Kind time of days.

I will tell at once that in the article I at all do not protect threw, and simply I wish to explain with
psychological points of view behaviour of such people in general. To probably whom that it also will be interesting =)

I do not know that has prompted me on a writing these are articles...
I will tell at once... By training, and on calling I consider myself as the psychologist...
In carding not the first year (if to be more exact, with 2002г.)... And most likely it has untied me from desire to work on a speciality...
It will be possible in my article a lot of water (purely psychological and besides I am not sober a little, today at me Birthday =))), but right now I wish to tell to you about рипперах (ripperх)... I will tell, why people go on it and why them become... Probably this article will not help you absolutely anything... But I will try to write it simply interestingly...

They присутсвуют everywhere... In all fields of activity... There where people work... There where money turns though in the slightest degree normal, in our understanding. On the life, in a real life I worked in many companies and structures... BUT, I will mention today only Karding...

Personally I characterise threw by two kinds:
Group 1) Schoolboys and monkeys.
It those people which do not wish to earn money... For them there is no word to "earn"... (People which for a long time in a theme, согласяться with me what even in carding there is no freebie. Everywhere it is necessary to think a head) Casual tips and ability "to twirl by language" in icq solve for them and it suits them... They certainly would like earn a heap of money and not to be soared about tomorrow and as one sensible person from the former planet has told - to have a rest under palm trees... It those people whom once having stepped into an our way have tried to make something sensible and have severely broken off, or having involved in business and having thrown pair the person for the decent sum - have decided to throw further...

I will not be afraid to tell that (though not I know one about it) that some people from this grade having thrown some tens persons for large enough sum - have decided to test again in carding and at them it has turned out... I will not be afraid to tell that some of these people became respected... Times vary... ники people too... For this reason in our business it is not necessary to trust anybody...

Group 2) Professional rippers.
People as a rule more less aged and completely realising a state of affairs... Such people are guided only by one purpose... To throw... To dissolve... All perfectly remember DON'a... The person who left туеву хучу people, and it was then dissolved in air... Anybody from us is not insured from dialogue and business management with such people...

What I can personally advise from myself for restriction of dialogue with the given persons? Yes too that advise all and always.

1. Always suggest people to work through the guarantor.
Persons from the first group usually are eliminated at once at this stage of conversation. People from the second as a rule obviously agree on the guarantor and even can offer to you it, thereby misleading you and is pure from the psychological point of view, showing the readiness to be fair in relation to you. Opinion of many: "Threw refuses to work through the guarantor if to offer it to it" is an error. The person who intends to deceive you has nothing to lose basically at this stage and he agrees on all. It is important to be especially attentive.

It is not necessary to conduct affairs with strangers if any guarantor is not present online. It is better and easier to wait for the person, than to lose money.

2. Ask rekommendatsii/references to responses.
If honesty of the person with which you are going to do business - costs in doubt, ask it icq people with which it worked. If after this answers like "now anybody from my partners follow are not present in online, I the beginner and this my first business" can finish conversation at once. Professional rippers on it can not stop and will give you icq recognised and dear people, nicknames which always on hearing... Do not trust... Be not too lazy to address to these people and to specify, whether really the person worked with them.

3. Never hurry up.
The favorite method threw to say to you that they do not have time for the guarantor and it is urgently necessary for them to drive off and there will be they not earlier than through n th quantity of hours/days. After all agree, there were cases when you were spoken such and you relying exclusively on good luck tried to make the transaction therefore have been thrown...
It is not necessary to hurry up. It is better to address to another селлеру or to wait the guarantor.

4. Pay attention to numbers Icq.
Agree, any seller of services respected will not be knocked to you from just registered number icq and to suggest to buy from it the goods.

Observing these simple four rules, the probability to be thrown decreases on 99 %. It is exactly so much to keep enough the money, and the most important thing nerves.

All thanks for attention.


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