he say he have a hsbc 100k+ login for sell.
i pay him 700wmz and he dissappear!!!!!

he send me PM also to confirm himself.

jayson ‎(14:11):
hi bro
aLek ‎(14:11):
jayson ‎(14:11):
so u hav hsbc accs
aLek ‎(14:11):
yes i have some big balances left
full info
jayson ‎(14:11):
tell me balances bro
aLek ‎(14:12):
17 k and 19 k
other are 100 + k
not cashable
jayson ‎(14:13):
u rite....i dont care cashable or not...i jus selling to buyer
how much u want for 100k
aLek ‎(14:13):
i have 2 100+ k
500 pounds each
jayson ‎(14:14):
can we do escrow
or can i put code on payment...i fukin got ripped yetsrday 320
aLek ‎(14:15):
well sure we can but theres no needs cuz i think you have bought from me already
jayson ‎(14:16):
aLek ‎(14:16):
jayson ‎(14:17):
are u on now?
aLek ‎(14:17):
jayson ‎(14:17):
aLek ‎(14:17):
i logged 2 days before
aLek ‎(14:18):
but i dont like that forum )
jayson ‎(14:22):
500wmz rite
aLek ‎(14:22):
no sry 500 pounds
aLek ‎(14:23):
wmz iz in $ dollars
jayson ‎(14:23):
so how much $
aLek ‎(14:23):
usd 42
aLek ‎(14:24):
pound 68
let me count
jayson ‎(14:24):
do me a good deal bro
aLek ‎(14:25):
700$ take it now
jayson ‎(14:26):
ok......wat if it doesnt work for some reason....i will not check it...i will giv it to buyer and he will check it in about 1-2 hours
aLek ‎(14:26):
it will work , but it happens to dont work and i`ll check it and will replace
aLek ‎(14:27):
but please no lyings
jayson ‎(14:27):
no bro....i dnt need to lie...i need it to work thats all
aLek ‎(14:27):
well i have ways to check if you lie or not
im telling you just for example
jayson ‎(14:28):
or maybe is better if i get the buyer at pc so he can check straight away wen we giv him
let me find out wen he can be on pc
aLek ‎(14:28):
well as you want but as i told you it will work if it dont (it happens sometimes) i`ll replace with another one.
ok i`ll be here for some more mins
jayson ‎(14:28):
jayson ‎(14:30):
he will be about 30mins to 1 can i pay u and put code ?
aLek ‎(14:31):
ill be outside
i cant stay that long
ask him for sunday
i`ll be online whole day
its weekend friend time for fun
jayson ‎(14:31):
i know bro.....1 min...let me talk with him
aLek ‎(14:33):
hey if you cant wait do it now if you dont then we cyah in sunday n do it good
aLek ‎(14:34):
but and now you dont have to care it will work and everything will be orite
jayson ‎(14:35):
ok giv me purse
aLek ‎(14:35):
Z352652614682 order 349857
jayson ‎(14:36):
only thing i worried about is.....if u go out now.....and it dusnt work....then on sunday u may think that we tamper with acc...that is why it is blocked
aLek ‎(14:36):
ill give you my number and ull send me sms
and i`ll come as fast as i can
jayson ‎(14:36):
ok that is fair
aLek ‎(14:36):
please do it faster cuz i really goota go
jayson ‎(14:37):
just before i send...pls send me pm in u might not be the real one
my nick is applejack
aLek ‎(14:38):
awww ok 1 min
jayson ‎(14:41):
sorry lost connection
aLek ‎(14:41):
jayson ‎(14:41):
1 sec
jayson ‎(14:42):
sending now
aLek ‎(14:43):
k 1 sec

then bastard is gone!


he ripped me too of 500 wmz, bfore he was buyer of me, for that reason i not payed so much attention and send him 500 z LOL

logs disp upon request


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